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Your POS Sheets at Your Fingertips

  • Direct access to your Point of Sale (POS) sheets right from your mobile
  • Select your FreshPoint location to see what is available
  • Keep up-to-date on the weekly market reports
  • Zoom, scroll and read the PDFs


A vast selection of produce resources

  • Fresh Produce Guide
  • Cooler Tips
  • Storage temperatures
  • Fresh-Cut Lettuce
  • Availability Chart
  • Ripening Stage Guides for Bananas, Tomatoes and Avocados
  • The Ultimate Apple, Pear and Mushroom Guides


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A vast selection of produce resources

  • Find out the last news and trends on our facebook, twitter, and blog
  • Access The Produce Hunter specialty produce site

New Produce Specs

Our availability and specs guide at your fingertips




Excellent app! Easy to use and navigate. Tons of interesting and useful information! Highly recommended to Chef’s and anyone looking for storage and handling tips on produce.

Apple User

Nice. This is good stuff. I always have my phone, and this app makes my smart phone feel a little smarter. Counting while ordering instead of running to the computer after saves time and keeps be nearer my line.

Google User

Fresh Information

Great resource for all produce information. Love the ripening guides. Great job!


Apple User

I think this app is extremely well organized an an incredible resource for anyone in the industry. Great job!

Google User